About Us

NcertAdda is not just an addition of another Ncert solution site on the web. NcertAdda.in is much more than that.

At NcertAdda we provide you with many different educational helps and coachings.

At NcertAdda you will be getting

  • Live Classes
  • Free Study Materials
  • Free and Paid Quiz
  • Free and Paid Practice sets
  • English Spoken Classes
  • Grammar Classes
  • And many more

What exams do we Focus?

We focus on School exams of CBSE,ICSE, and State board exams for the school level Students.

Apart from that Our main Focus is on important entrance exams like the JNV entrance test, Sainik School Exams, and other entrance exams.

We will be also providing courses on SSC exams and other job oriented exams also.

Our Goal

At NcertAdda our goal is to make education cheap and available to all and we are working on it continuously.

Our Teachers

At NcertAdda we have highly trained and experienced teachers only.

We have teachers from North to South regions.

In addition, our teachers have B.ed. ( Bachelor of Education ) or D.el.ed ( Diploma in Elementary Education )degree which is needed to be a teacher.

Also our teachers and mentors have B.tech degree.

Instead of Degree, the most important thing that our teachers have is Talent which is most important in the education system.

At NcertAdda, our teachers teach according to modern demands. They make the class interesting which is the present demand of Students and Kids.

For more details feel free to Contact us :- [email protected]